Business Contracts That Work to Protect You
Every Business Needs To Start With A Solid Legal Foundation! Contracts Are A Vital Part Of It

Contracts are one of the easiest ways to take a great step in protecting your business and also yourself. Whether you are selling Goods/Services, hiring Independent Contractors, Disclosing Confidential Information, a contract can easily fix any issues that can come from it.

Without contracts you have no recourse to someone not paying you, doing wrong towards you, or stealing from you.

Protect your business and make the investment for proper protection now!

Business Legal Roadmap

Review this FREE Roadmap to have a visual and base overview of a Solid Legal Foundation. This will help you get you Business Legal Foundation started in the right direction!

Protect Your Business With These Contract Templates

Run your business with confidence knowing you are protected.

LLC Protection Bundle

Contracts are the foundation of your business! Having the correct contracts in place, with terms that will actually protect your business will help ensure it is sustainable for the long term.

Copying a contract off the internet or piecing together the contracts you've gotten from others in the past probably won't protect you as much as you think. Don't take that chance with your business, there's a lot at risk! 
Plus using a contract template is a LOT cheaper than hiring a lawyer to draft it specifically for you (you'd be lucky to find a lawyer that would charge you less than $275/hour... it's likely upwards of $300 an hour and contracts take time to draft!). 

These templates are reusable so you only need to purchase this Bundle once!

Included Are ALL These Vital Contract Templates:

- LLC Operating Agreement (A $397 Value)                 

- Independent Contractor Agreement (A $297 Value)       

- Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement (A $197 Value)   

Over $900 In Value! Download Your Bundle Today For One Low Price                                                                 

Protect Your Business With These Templates For Only $247!

Pay a fraction of the cost for what an Attorney would charge.

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