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Below you will find tools and resources to use in not only implementing a strong legal foundation in your business, but also growing it.

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Business Legal Roadmap

Review this FREE Roadmap to have a visual and base overview of some of the concepts you learned. This will help you get that Solid Business Legal Foundation in the right direction!

LLC Protection Bundle

Contracts are the foundation of your business! Having the correct contracts in place, with terms that will actually protect your business will help ensure it is sustainable for the long term.

Copying a contract off the internet or piecing together the contracts you've gotten from others in the past probably won't protect you as much as you think. Don't take that chance with your business, there's a lot at risk! 
Plus using a contract template is a LOT cheaper than hiring a lawyer to draft it specifically for you (you'd be lucky to find a lawyer that would charge you less than $275/hour... it's likely upwards of $300 an hour and contracts take time to draft!). 

These templates are reusable so you only need to purchase this Bundle once!

Included Are ALL These Vital Contract Templates:

- LLC Operating Agreement (A $397 Value)                 

- Independent Contractor Agreement (A $297 Value)       

- Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement (A $197 Value)   

Over $900 In Value! Download Your Bundle Today For One Low Price

Protect Your Business With These Templates For Only $247!

Pay a fraction of the cost for what an Attorney would charge.

Business Coaching

Want to save time & money while also helping your business grow at a faster rate than originally thought? I mean who doesn't?!?! Business Coaching may be right for you then! What about the feeling of constantly putting out fires you never saw coming? It happens to all of us as some point in our journey. The greatest investment you can make is finding a proper Coach to help you through or even avoid obstacles entirely. As your Business Coach, I am looking to not only help grow your business, provide strategies, and keep you accountable, but also make myself an asset available to you when you have questions or feel stuck. The biggest benefit of having a Coach who is also an Attorney is knowing they understand the legal aspects of what they suggest and how it could ultimately affect your business. Sound like something you're looking for? Let's talk. 

Unlimited Coaching

Unlimited Business Coaching is truly Unlimited. The biggest drawback of most coaching programs is being confined to a scheduled weekly or bi-weekly call (whatever the case is). Sometimes you need to discuss something tomorrow, NOT next week. You will never have to deal with an issue of not getting the assistance when you truly need it. This programs includes : Hands-On Implementation and Business Support, Access to all guides and resources, The ability to book coaching calls when you actually need it, Access to weekly Group Coaching/Networking Calls, Discounted Access to Contract Templates and many more benefits being implemented all the time!

This Program Starts at $3,000.

On-Demand Coaching

Not ready to commit quarterly? Use the pay-as-go Coaching model. Need help with your business, but don't need/not sure if you need hands on assistance? This is for you! You can easily book a 1-on-1 Call whenever you need for direct access to discuss topics/strategies for your business ranging from getting off the ground to issues you are currently facing. This is available for 1-Hour Sessions.

Strategy Calls are $247 each. 

Digital Marketing

Yes, traditional marketing stills exists, but it is as effective as digital marketing? Put simply, no – and here’s why. Sure, you can reach a broad demographic by placing an ad on a billboard, but how do you track your ROAS? How do you track who exactly acted from seeing your ad? It’s possible, but it can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

We understand that as a business owner your time literally equals money. With a proper digital marketing strategy, we can pinpoint how many people watched, engaged with, and converted from an ad. Not only that, but we can remarket those that did interact with the ad but didn’t act.

At Ryft Media, we like to create a Ryft with our marketing strategy. In other words, we like to create strategies hat help you stand out from the completion in a way where you get a healthy ROAS.

Ready to evaluate your options or see if your current agency is ripping you off? Book a free call with my team!

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